at Ricklundgården , Saxnäs Sweden.


Year of birth

My artistical occupation is                            my main occupation

                                                                      an important sideline, % of my income.

Artistic studies:

Other qualifications

Requested period :                                           in the       Main studio ”Folkeateljén”    /   Annexstudio




Date / signature

Documents that give basis for judging the applicant´s artistical qualities should be enclosed with the application;
CV, link to homepage / photos of work, reviews and similar.

E-mail your application to

If you prefer to send the application by mail send it to:
Emma Ricklunds stiftelse Axel Aronsväg 6 Saxnäs 910 88 Marsfjäll Sweden

Ricklundgården tel: +46 (0)940 14368


S- 910 88 Marsfjäll Sweden

                                                  I have read and understood the regulations.

                                                            R E G U L A T I O N S

  1. 1.The working committee of the Emma Ricklund Foundation appoints the artist for the sojourn at Ricklundgården. Artists, other than painters, can be appointed.

  2. 2.During the sojourn the following housing will be provided;

        Main studio; ”Folkeateljén”.
       A studio with belonging bedroom (two beds), fully equipped kitchen,
        a smaller bedroom in connection with the kitchen, shower in the basement, TV and access to internet.

        The Annexstudio:
        A studio with belonging bedroom (two beds), a small kitchen, a multipurposeroom,
        shower, TV and access to internet.

        The cleaning of the provided spaces is to be taken care of by the artist.
        Bedclothes and towels can be rented. (90 SEK/ week.)

  1. 3.The main studio; the working committee will appoint a period of 27 days.
    The Annexstudio; is granted weekly.

  2. 4.The artist in the main studio pays 2.800 SEK.
    The artist in the Annexstudio pays 700 SEK. weekly.

  3. 5.Appointed artist is not allowed to alter the estates moveable or immovable properties or in any other way make changes in the real estates nature.

6.     In consideration of allergic persons, fur animals are not permitted.

7.     Cancellation of granted sojourn should immediately be notified to the Foundation.
        A cancellation fee of 300 SEK. will be charged if cancellation is notified less than two weeks ahead.