In the 1940´s Emma and Folke Ricklund created a dreamvilla in italian-style. A unique blend off styles; Functional, Mediterranean and Hunting lodge. Folke was an artist and Emma was the owner of the inn, Saxnäsgården, which became a popular destination for artists. Many of the artists were guests in the home. Some of the Cobra group members were here, as well as many other famous artists.

Today the house is museum and residence for artists.

The interiour is exciting with exotic objects as well as objects from the settlers and the samiculture.

In this unique home you can find e.g. a floormosaic made of birch. Emma was interested in design and she wove textiles for the home. Many things were brought home from travels.


LISA STÄMPs cottage

Lisa Stamp was a young Sami woman who had experienced dramatic events when she came to Saxnäs. She started to work with Emma Ricklund in her inn. They became good friends and Emmas husband Folke Ricklund wanted Lisa to have a home of her own, so he built a small cottage adapted to Lisa's slim dimensions. Now this cottage is open to public so you can look into the cozy cottage and experience a unique living-made environment.

The surrounding environment was also important. The seedsman Victor Lundgren helped the couple to create a garden unprecedented in the mountains. The slate that existed around the house was formed to stairways, paths and furniture. Emma managed to get plants from other plantareas to survive.

Emma, her father Axel-Aron, unknown girl and the mother ”Mor Anna”

Emma was born 1897. Her father Axel Aron Johansson was a farmer and a buisnessman man.

Her mother, Anna, from Trofors in Norway, had a background as a housekeeper of a large farm.

Emma grew up to be a determined woman with a strong will. She studied by correspondence and traveled a lot.

The family started an inn, Saxnäsgården, which Emma later took over. She realized that she needed a good education and she studied in Helsingborg in the south of Sweden. It made her a good hostess and the inn became very popular.

Many of the guests were students or artists.

One of the artists was Folke Ricklund. He fell in love with

Emma and after a lively correspondence, they married in 1936.




Folke Ricklund is considered to be one of the great painters of the region. He was born in Anundsjö Angermanland in 1900 in a nature-loving home. His father taught him early on to appreciate nature, to fish and hunt. Folke was fascinated of the mountains and the Samiculture, which brought him to Saxnäs. Folke Ricklund belongs to the first generation of artists in the county Västerbotten. They started a society  The new generation sought artistic freedom and chose the color and shape based on personal experiences, inspired by Matisse in Paris.

Folke was educated at the University College of Arts and Design in Stockholm. He also went to Italy where the classic art attracted and inspired him.

The artist Folke Ricklund was fascinated by nature's various guises, especially the harsh, windswept landscape. He wanted to depict the landscape that local people meet in their daily lives.

Emma and Folke divorced and he left Saxnäs and moved to Norrköping in the middle of Sweden.

But he continued to paint the mountains

all his life. Although he was known for his mountain pictures, he was a versatile artist with a large number of works from other regions and from his many travels.

Folke continued his painting throughout his life.

Museum open daily  June 15 - August 31.  Guided groups all year!


There was an interest among artists during this time to work in the mountains.

The rumor of Emma´s Inn and that the artist Folke Ricklund lived in Saxnäs was quickly spread.

and many artists came here.  ART and  ARTISTS situation was vividly discussed.

The presence of artists interested and affected the whole village.

A tradition had been created.


Emma and Folkes marriage remained childless and the couple divorced in the early 1950s.

Folke settled in Norrkoping with his second wife Ragna.

They had two children together Mats and Magnus, who now reside in Funäsdalen respective Lerum.

After the divorce Emma was happy to give artists opportunity to work in the studio.

The support of artists became a mission for her. In her will she requested that artists  should continue

to work in the studio, even after her passing. Her last wishes were fulfilled when a foundation in her name was formed and studio became open to Artists in Residence 1972.

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